Wright Automotive is an approved Terraclean Service Centre!

Why a Terraclean Service Clean?


A Terraclean service clean can offer the following benefits:

• Improved mpg

• Improved bhp

• Increased smoothness

• Reduced emissions

• Decarbs intake and exhaust systems


How Much?


Prices for petrol or diesel engines is only £110 including VAT.



DPF or EGR Problems?

We also have equipment to recover totally blocked diesel particulate filters, EGR valves or induction systems which can save you thousands if you've been quoted for a replacement!

A blocked DPF is usually the cause of another fault within the vehicle. Let us carry out our diagnostics including pressure test to establish the cause and quote for the repair. 

How Much?

The cost of a DPF clean is £250 including VAT.

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